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Jutta & Glen Jealouse - Owners/Operators 

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“This is not just a business. This is our home. This is a place where every horse is going to be happy, due to exceptional care and individual attention. People will come to meet, ride and compete here. It is a happy gathering place where we enjoy ourselves with our horses. For some it will be a journey to pursue

Jutta started riding later on in her life. She took her first riding lesson after her third son was born. Her passion is Dressage. She is very proud of her lovely horses, Melosa, Hannah, Moritz, Rubien and Marie.  Glen has been incredible supportive with the horses. Jutta is well known around Kamloops as a role model for women in the mining industry, in which she is still involved with as a consultant. Glen had a successful business in the forestry consulting industry for many years. Together they lend their warmth, generosity, work ethic and astute business sense to make the centre a model of integrity in the equestrian industry.

They long to share their love affair with horses with first-time riders and seasoned equestrians. Glen and Jutta have three sons; Daniel, Nicholas, and Christopher. They also have three dogs Rufus and Charlie and Miko all of whom you are likely to meet during your visits here.

Corine Smith - Dressage Coach and Horse Trainer


Corine is our inhouse Dressage Coach and Trainer - she has trained under some of the top riders here in Canada and continues to shine and continue her education participating in clinics with such coaches as Stephen Clarke, Anne Gribbons and Axel Steiner.  Her goal which is very much in her grasp is to train and ride at Grand Prix. Corine continues to be trained and be mentored by Henk Glijin and travels to the US to continue her training with Anne Gribbons, FEI 5* Judge.

Corine lives in Salmon Arm and travels to us 3 days a week.

Nicole Ketter - EC Competition Coach

Nicole is one of our Riding Academy coaches and teaches most days using our school ponies. Nicoles' riding career started in pony club at a very young age, where she achieved her Pony Club A - the highest accolade there is and has recently qualified with Equine Canada as a Competition Coach. 


Nicole enjoys very much teaching all ages and has both evented here and in the US and successfully competed at Dressage across the country. She has been coached over the years by Kelly Kennedy, Henk Glijin, Jody Sloper and Corine Smith and continues her journey as a rider and coach with the wish to pass her love and knowledge of horses and the sport onto her students.

Caitlyn Edge - Riding Academy Coach


Caitlyn has been riding for over 17 years, and acheived her Pony Club B, and has successfuly competed at national level Hunter/Jumpers. 

She started her teaching career under her coach and mentor her mother and has been teaching for 6 years.  She has ridden with coaches like Darcie Kerkoven, Brian Morton, Lindsey Beetle and Julia Bostock. Her love of horses has her enthusiasm to help others achieve success has seen her take her students to local schooling shows and develop their love of the show ring.

"my biggest reward is seeing the smiles on my students faces, having fun is what it's all about!"

Guest Instructors

Jody Sloper 


Jody is respected worldwide as an elite-level riding instructor and mentor to young coaches. For 43-years she has trained students-from beginner to advanced-in Dressage, Eventing, Hunters and Jumpers. Many of her students have been victorious at the highest level of equine competition. Today, Jody, a former phys-ed teacher, uses a curriculum she developed herself to teach young coaches in Canada and Australia how to instruct.

“I love problem-solving. Helping people to become better horsemen and to understand horses and the way they think.” “Jutta and Glen are bringing a phenomenal facility to the Kamloops area where parents can be assured that their children are safe and well taught. I’m proud to be a part of that and to mentor the next generation of young coaches and riders.”

Jody lives with her husband Jim in Barnhartvale. They ballroom dance and ride with friends in their spare time.

Henk Glijn
Grand Prix Level Dressage Instructor & Horse Trainer

“Dressage done correctly is a benefit to the body of the rider and the horse.”

Henk has been coaching children and adults in dressage for over 30 years.

Henk aspires to help every student and horse work together and think together as a team. He lives at White Lake where he appreciates good food, great horses, and fabulous fly-fishing. Henk spends a lot of time travelling within Canada the US and Europe for clinics and we are very lucky to have him as part of our team

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